Sunday, June 3, 2018 Update v1.2.2 -- Database Upgrades & Bugfixes

Hello all!

I've been working on some database changes over the past few days, and I believe they're ready for everyone to play with. Also, thanks to the help of the folks on Twitter and Discord, I've identified and knocked out a bunch of bugs from the Foundries update.

So, what's new w/ the Database? Like I said when I first added the database to the website, it really doesn't make sense to me that we're 4 years into Destiny and still don't really have a Wowhead equivalent for this AAA game. There are sites out there that are fairly popular that really just provide the bare minimum information on the items in the game. It's especially frustrating considering that a lot of information is available in the files that Bungie provides -- you just have to do a little work to stitch it all together.

Today's update is an attempt to bring the Database closer to the end goal of a completely comprehensive database for all of the items in Destiny. Beyond just showing the items and their stats, today's update aims to reveal more about how the items are connected, how you obtain them, and more.

Here's the full details:


  • If an item is a container (such as an Engram), it will now have a "Contains" tab on its item page showing which items are possibly found within it.
    • An interesting example is the Future War Cult Engram. This feature lets us see that it looks like a new set of armor may be part of the first Faction Rally of Season 3, as there are 15 classified armor pieces contained within that engram.
  • If an item can be found in any container, it will now have a "Contained In" tab showing which containers it has a chance to be found in
  • If an item shows up on any vendor's item list, it will now have a "Related Vendors" tab showing which vendors Bungie has the item associated with.
    • This, for example, would have let us know that both Sleeper Simulant and Polaris Lance come from Ana Bray on day 1 of Warmind.
    • Check out Polaris Lance to see what it looks like.
    • Interestingly, this shows that every foundry weapon is associated with a specific vendor that doesn't appear in game yet. Judging by the names, we may have a Foundry based event in the future with these frame-based NPCs as key components.
  • Each Vendor now has a page showing:
    • All items associated with them in the files
    • All possible "interactions" with them — These will show things like quest steps, quest rewards, token turn ins, and possible rewards from those.
    • Their raw API info
    • Check out Ana Bray to see what it looks like.
  • When looking at the Manifest tab on any item or vendor, any item hash will now link to the actual item it refers to and show the item's preview popup when you hover over the link.
  • Also in the Manifest tab, any image URLs will now link to the actual image in a new tab should you click on them.

As for the aforementiond bugfixes, here are the details of what's changed around those:


  • A number of weapons that are unobtainable have been removed from the Foundries trackers. If there are others that I have missed, please give me a shout on Twitter or Discord.


  • Eververse armor was incorrectly giving points for being masterworked. My intent is for nothing from Eververse to be worth any points so as to avoid encouraging pay-to-win scenarios. If you notice anywhere that an item that doesn't have a fairly reliable non-Eververse source is worth points, please point it out on Twitter or Discord.


  • Faction Rally, Wish Granter, and Kadi 55-30's Blessing emblems have been associated with their appropriate groups. The Faction Rally emblems are worth points; the others are not.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hellas Basin variants were not granting credit correctly after unlocking the achievement for owning all variants. This was a UI-only issue - the logic that handles this on the leaderboard side was correct.
Hope you all enjoy the update! Sound off on Twitter and Discord to let me know what you think!

- afpac

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  1. Hey today there are some bugs while searching DB, Applying Chest filter gives next selection down for, Season 4/Chest/Legendaries. Aslo Class items are no longer showing 1st column perks.