Thursday, May 31, 2018 Update v1.2.1 — Foundries

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Hi guardians! afpac here with the first big update of Season 3. Today's update brings with it a new set of challenges to the collection manager: Foundries!

After the launch of the previous update, the consensus seemed to be that achievements were a cool, welcome addition, but that too many of them were very similar. I felt that feedback was valid -- a lot of the achievements in the initial release were very similar simply because I had to code them all. Making them similar meant it was easier to create "enough" achievements for each category without making the Season 3 update wait forever.

Now that the site is caught up to Season 3 and I'm free to pivot to the next thing, I wanted to come up with a different take on the collection/achievement grind that focuses on what I feel is one of the most under-utilized but interesting components of Destiny: Foundries.

Starting today, the Collection Manager has a new tracker on the left, accessible from this icon:

Once on the Foundries tracker, you are given the option to choose which of the 4 main Destiny 2 weapon foundries you would like to champion:

Becoming the champion of a foundry gives you access to 12 new achievements that challenge you to truly represent your favorite gun maker. These achievements focus not only on collecting weapons but actually using them:

Beyond getting kills, I also wanted to make the achievements for this tracker really push the "do stuff you wouldn't normally do" envelope:

And some of them are outright goofy:

While the Foundries tracker does not have a leaderboard or points associated directly with it, the achievements you earn here do apply to the Achievements leaderboard. There are 49 new achievements to earn here, along with new meta-achievements. This is my first stab at trying to innovate on the stuff that was added with v1.2, so hopefully you guys enjoy the idea and the direction I'm heading with the achievement system.

Here are answers to some of the questions I'm anticipating folks will have about the new tracker:
  • What's the deal with this tracker? The Foundries tracker is a new approach to a collection challenge. On this tracker, you pick a weapon foundry to champion, and you can then complete achievements using that foundry's weapons.
  • Do I get points for this? Is there a leaderboard? There is no leaderboard for foundry collection itself, but the achievements you gain from this tracker do apply to the achievements leaderboard.
  • How do you decide which weapons belong to which foundry? Weapons are considered a foundry weapon based on if they have the foundry's branding in the upper-left when you inspect them in game. This information is available in the Bungie API files, and I'm using that to assign weapons to foundries.
  • Don't some foundries have more weapons? They definitely do. SUROS and Omolon have roughly 50% more weapons to collect than Hakke and VEIST. However, by the same token, some foundries' weapons are more popular than others, meaning you've probably already collected a fair number of them and potentially already earned a decent amount of masterwork kills. With that taken into consideration, I think the amount of work required for the guns that you actually will have to hunt is roughly the same for all 4 foundries.
  • What happens once I'm done? Once you complete the "Put a Bow On It" achievement for a given foundry, you are free to switch to another foundry and work on their achievements as well. There is even a meta-achievement for completing all 4 foundries if you like a challenge.
  • Can I change which foundry I champion? You can, but doing so will reset all progress for your current foundry unless you have completed the "Put a Bow On It" achievement for that foundry.
  • Can I work on a foundry if I'm not championing it? You will not earn achievements for foundries you are not currently championing. However, there's nothing stopping you from collecting other foundries' weapons and earning masterwork kills toward them even if you are not their champion. Once you switch to another foundry, any achievements you've earned based on what you've collected in the meantime should kick in shortly.
  • Explain the Brand Warfare achievements. These achievements take a look at the masterwork weapons currently in your inventory. Any kills registered on weapons that you have dismantled prior to earning the achievements will not contribute.
  • What happens as weapons are added to the game? As weapons are added, they will be added to the conditions for the achievements as well. However, any achievements that you have unlocked will stay that way. It doesn't seem fair to require you to keep every weapon on the off chance that more weapons are added to a foundry later.
  • "Top of the Line: Hakke" is unobtainable Right you are! As of now, Hakke has no exotic weapon. I'm going ahead and building the achievements with the assumption that it eventually will, by the time someone gets close to completing "Put a Bow on It" for Hakke. If it ends up being a bottleneck, I will definitely remove the "Top of the Line" completion requirement from the meta-achievement until Bungie actually creates a Hakke exotic.
I hope you all enjoy the update. As always, I look forward to hearing your feedback. Hit me up on Twitter @lightdotgg, on the Discord server, or on the replies below!

- afpac

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