Saturday, May 19, 2018 Update v1.2 -- Warmind & Preseason 3

Hi guardians! Version 1.2 brings an entirely new component to the site: Achievements! The classic console gaming achievement hunt that Destiny 2 is sorely lacking is now a part of the grind. On top of the achievement system, all leaderboards have been updated for Season 3, along with a ton of other changes. Check out the full list of them below, and let me know what you think!

Player Profiles
  • The player profile page has been integrated into the collection manager. This will allow you to view exactly what another user on the site's collection looks like, where their points are coming from, etc.
    • To swap back to your own profile, either click the "Collection" link in the top header bar or use the account selector in the top right corner.
  • This also works for Armory searches for players that may not be users. However, because of privacy settings, you likely won't be able to see much on the trackers for people such as this.
  • The progress graph on the previous version of the player profile will make its return in a later patch.
  • All ornament trackers now show the actual progress toward their goal instead of just the "yes/no" checkmark.
  • The tracker icons on the left now show their name when hovered.
  • All "Overall" percentages are now based on scoring instead of being an average of components such as owned, max power, skins, etc. Your overall completion % will be your current score / the maximum possible score.
  • A new achievement system has been added.
  • You can earn up to (as of now) 1,300 leaderboard points by completing achievements.
  • When you earn an achievement, a toast will pop up and a small "ding" will play. You can click on the toast to hop to the category that the achievement falls into.
    • You can disable these toasts by clicking the icon on the Achivements tracker. Your preference will be saved to your device.
  • There are currently 200+ achievements across 10 different categories (one for each non-achievements leaderboard, and ~24 under 'General').
  • The goal is for the majority of achievements to be earnable by everyone that commits the time to them. That being said, some of the achievements are purposefully ludicrous to give us all something to work toward as we get later in the season.
  • Scoring is built in such a way that the more achievements you earn, the more points they are worth. Points are earned at specific thresholds and lock in once earned.
  • Achievements will be added and removed throughout the season as it makes sense to do so.
  • Some achievements will cause parts of your inventory to lock in. For now, this only applies to emblems and owning all of their variants. As the season progresses and inventory space begins to clog again, I plan on adding lock-ins for other achievements so you will be able to dismantle items but still receive credit.
Followers of Osiris
  • The Followers of Osiris leaderboard has been removed. The items that it used to track are now visible under the Vendors & Engrams tracker.
  • A tracker, leaderboard, and 22 achievements for Warmind content on Mars have been added.
Exotic Gear
  • The Exotic Armor & Weapons leaderboards have been merged into one named Exotic Gear.
  • Exotic Armor is laid out a little different now since the horizontal orientation per item slot didn't really work anymore. Warlocks have too many helmets.
  • Scoring for this season focuses heavily on collecting Season 3 exotics and unlocking exotic Masterworks.
Vanguard / Crucible
  • Goal Items have been updated for Season 3, including new seasonal progression items from Zavala & Shaxx.
  • 38 Achievements have been added for activities ranging from collecting Nightfall exclusives to reaching Glory rank Legend.
  • Your current Glory and Valor ranks will now display over the Crucible faction banner.
  • Ornament objectives have been updated for Season 3.
  • The BrayTech Rocket Launcher has been confirmed as the Nightfall Exclusive drop for Strange Terrain, and will be scored as such on this tracker. It's also worth points on the Mars tracker. Once we have Will of the Thousands as the Nightfall and determine its exclusive item, the tracker will be updated with that as well.
The Leviathan
  • Spire of Stars items have been added.
  • Armor ornaments have been added back to this tracker as it looks like Bungie might actually make them obtainable this time 🙄
  • This tracker will be revisited come July once raid lair prestige modes become available (assuming it actually has an impact on the loot pool).
Trials of the Nine
  • Armor ornament tracking has been removed from this tracker as there are no ornaments for Season 3.
  • Cosmetics added for Season 3 have been added to the tracker and are worth 10 points each.
Iron Banner
  • Season 3 Iron Banner weapons and ornaments have been added. These have rank requirements, but those aren't in the files for now. I will update once I know what they are.
  • Looking at the preview Bungie posted, it looks like there may be some items that are classified or just not in the files yet. I will update the tracker on Tuesday when the event is live.
Faction Rally
  • Updated w/ weapons for Season 3. Dead Orbit appears to have one weapon missing right now in the files.
  • While the S3 ornaments are present in the API files, they appear to just be placeholders as they have the same icons as the Season 2 ornaments. I will update these assuming they eventually will have slightly different objectives.
  • Also worth mentioning that there are a few new faction-specific items in the database that may get added to the tracker depending on how they are acquired. Keep an eye out for those once we learn more about Faction Rally 2.0
  • Season 1 emblems are no longer worth points as they've been around long enough that they're just inflating the number of points available on this tracker.
  • All emblems with variants now have a lock-in mechanic. Once you unlock all variants, your progress on those items will lock-in, and you will no longer need to keep a copy of the base emblem in your inventory to receive credit. Credit being granted by a lock-in achievement is indicated by an orange border around the item.
  • Updated with Season 3 items

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