Tuesday, December 19, 2017

light.gg Update: 19 Dec 2017 -- Full Update Notes

What's New in 1.1

Hello guardians!

Hopefully if you've made it here, you've checked out the other blog posts on what all is changing with the 1.1 Update. If not, I highly recommend you check them out (there are TLDRs and lots of pictures -- this isn't a reading assignment). 

Below are the full details of everything that has changed in the 1.1 Update:


  • NEW The search box in the upper right will allow you to search the new light.gg Database for items from any page on the site.
  • NEW New navigation items have been added for Database and Armory
    • Hover over these to dig in to what they offer
  • CHNG Collection now takes you to the dedicated Collection Manager page
    • Click on the light.gg logo to get back to the new home page.

Home Page

  • NEW A new, dedicated home page has been added
    • The home page will focus on showing what's new, what's coming up, who's at the top of the leaderboard, what items are popular, and where you're at with your collection.


See the full Collection Manager blog post for more detail on the reasoning behind these changes.

  • NEW Icons in the left sidebar have been added to allow you to quickly jump to each tracker.
    • Mobile users can reveal this icon by clicking the right arrow icon above your Display Name at the top of the page.
  • NEW All item lists have been updated with items from Season 1.
    • Most trackers now sort by season in some way or another, so that you can see new items first (with a few exceptions)
      • In a future update, a toggle will be added so that you can choose which season(s) you'd like to see at a given time. 
  • NEW Trackers have been added for:
    • Masterworks
    • Followers of Osiris
    • Vanguard & Crucible
    • The Dawning (coming soon)
  • NEW All trackers that have a corresponding leaderboard now have a sidebar that breaks down your score on that leaderboard.
  • NEW All masterworks now have a gold aura inside the item's block
    • In a future update, hovering over a masterwork will show its kill count
  • NEW Hovering over any item will now show basic details on the item, including intrinsic perks and primary traits
  • NEW Clicking on any item will now take you to an item detail page, where you can see the full details, lore, manifest definition, and reviews for that item.
  • CHNG Now occupies the full screen to fit as many items on the screen at once as possible
  • CHNG Now only loads items for one tracker at a time, greatly increasing performance and ease of navigation between trackers, especially on mobile
  • CHNG All Rank 30 subgoals have been removed
    • Faction Rally will still display which factions your guardians are pledged to as well as their current rank -- it just will no longer contribute toward your leaderboard progress.
  • CHNG The Exotic Weapons Ornament subgoal has been removed
  • CHNG The Prestige Leviathan tracker has been merged into the Leviathan tracker
    • Eater of Worlds items have also been added
  • BUG Should no longer reload the page when your Bungie.net token expires


See the full light.gg Database Announcement blog post for more detail on the new Database, what problems it's trying to solve, what new features it allows us to make, and so on.
  • NEW The light.gg Database as been added
    • Any item in the Bungie provided Manifest can be found in the database
  • NEW Initial filtering options for the Database include:
    • Classified Items
    • Weapons
    • Armor
    • Rarity
    • Season
    • Class
    • Armor Slot
    • Weapon Slot
    • Bungie Item Category
      • Handles "Tags" on item detail pages, such as Weapon Types
    • Item Name / Flavor Text / Description
  • NEW The Database homepage provides quick categories for Season 2 content as well as the entire database.
    • Some of these categories are available on every page from the Database navigation hover menu
  • NEW From any item list, the filters at the top will drill down further into the initial list
    • To filter on the entire database, click the Database link in the navigation bar at the top, click the orange magnifying glass button, and filter from there.
  • NEW Clicking on any item will now take you to an item detail page, where you can see the full details, lore, manifest definition, and reviews for that item.
    • Weapons and Armor will allow separate PVE and PVP reviews
    • Ratings are shown next to each item in item lists as well as on its detail page.


See the full light.gg Armory Announcement blog post for more detail on the Armory, including how it lets you interact with your fellow light.gg members and the Destiny 2 community as a whole.

  • NEW The light.gg Armory has been added
  • NEW Look up any Destiny 2 player by hovering Armory in the navigation bar and clicking Search
    • Bungie's API requires a full match -- so you'll need to get the name exactly right (ignoring case sensitivity)
  • NEW For light.gg members, the Armory allows you to see your leaderboard progress as well as chart out your collection progress on a goal-by-goal basis. 
    • In a future update, light.gg members will be able to compare their collections, create and share builds, and more from their Armory profiles.
  • NEW As with elsewhere on the site now, clicking on any item will take you to its detail page.


See the full Season 2 Leaderboards blog post for more detail on what has changed from Season 1, what's up with the new scoring system, and more.
  • NEW Added three new leaderboards:
    • Masterworks
    • Followers of Osiris
    • Vanguard & Crucible
  • NEW A new scoring system has been implemented
    • See the blog post above for more... the details are too nitty-gritty to describe here.
    • Check the collection tracker for any leaderboard goal to see its specific scoring rules
  • NEW Your account cards at the top as well as all leaderboard entries now show that player's score
  • NEW You can now click on any player's name on the leaderboard to view their Armory profile
  • CHNG The Prestige Leviathan leaderboard has been merged with The Leviathan leaderboard
  • CHNG The Exotic Weapons ornaments subgoal has been removed
  • CHNG All Rank 30 subgoals have been removed
  • CHNG All factions with grindable ornaments now have Ornament subgoals. These include:
    • Vanguard/Crucible
    • Faction Rally
    • Iron Banner
    • Trials of the Nine
    • The Leviathan


  • CHNG The Clans page is temporarily disabled until I can catch it up to the changes from the version update. 
    • The new leaderboard scoring mechanism doesn't cooperate well out-of-the-box with the way Clans were originally coded. It's not a hugely popular feature, so I'm just going to turn it off for now and not hold up the rest of the update.

Known Issues

  • BUG The new collection manager has some inexplicably weird spacing in Firefox Quantum. Recommend using Chrome for the time being.
  • BUG The player profile screen is occasionally very slow, depending on Bungie server performance
    • I hope to build in some better ways of handling when this happens in a future update
  • BUG Ornament tracking on Collection pages is currently incomplete. A fix for this will be deployed before Season 2 officially begins.

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