Monday, November 6, 2017 Update: 4 Nov 2017 — Clans & Emblem Tracker Upgrades!

Hi guardians!

Some pretty big changes with this update.

First, let's talk about emblems. The initial emblem tracker was about as basic as it gets. We tracked whether you had them or not and gave you a progress score against every emblem in the game (even the ones you can't obtain yet or potentially never will be able to obtain). Beyond that, a lot of people that are chasing these emblems thought it would be cool to have listed right on the page how you can obtain them. With today's update, emblems are now categorized by how you can obtain them and progress is only measured against emblems that can be obtained purely by gameplay in Destiny 2.

As a consequence of this change, emblem progress for the vast majority of the population should go up (especially people that didn't play Destiny 1). It's possible that some people that were getting a lot of % completion from emblems that are no longer counted (veteran's rewards, IRL purchases, Bungie rewards) may have their progress go down, which sucks, but in reality I probably shouldn't have been counting them in the first place. I think the way the goal is set up now is the fairest solution moving forward.

The other (much bigger) change is the addition of Clans. You can now also see how you measure up against your clanmates for each of the goals we track. From your clan's profile, you can see your overall leaderboard for a high level view of who's got the most complete collection and fight for the top spot in the clan. You can also drill down into each of the specific goals to see who's the Iron Banner Lord, the Emblem Czar, the Trials Executor, and so on.

Hopefully this makes competing on the leaderboards more engaging and more personal -- from being able to brag to your clanmates that you're two full divisions above them to working together as a clan to reach 100% clan completion, my hope is that this gives the community another interesting way to engage with each other and the game.

Thanks for checking out the update. If you have any questions or run into any issues, feel free to drop them in the comments below, on our Discord server, or on Twitter.


(Here's the gritty details of everything that's changed for those that are curious)


  • NEW Your leaderboard card at the top of the page now includes two links: one to your leaderboard entry, and one to your clan's profile page.
  • NEW There is now a "Jump to..." dropdown at the top of the page that will let you, well, jump to a specific section of your collection
    • As the page gets longer and longer, the plus/minus collapsers weren't really cutting it. Hopefully this jumping tool in combination with the collapsers makes it easier to get directly to the stuff you want to see.
  • NEW Faction Rally has been featured in preparation for the upcoming event.
  • NEW Emblems are now organized by where they come from
    • Some emblems give some extra detail when you mouse over / tap them if it isn't obvious where they come from given their category
  • CHNG Emblem progress is now only measured against emblems obtained from the following categories.
    • Story & Level 20 Activities
    • Engram Rewards
    • Limited Time Activities
    • The Leviathan
  • CHNG The following categories no longer count toward emblem progress:
    • Limited Availability
      • Veteran Rewards
      • IRL Purchases
      • Awarded by Bungie
    • Source Unknown
      • Obviously once these are discovered in game, they will be moved into one of the categories above that progress counts against. Everyone's progress will then adjust to compensate.
  • BUG Fixed an issue when switching platforms that would cause items to show at the power level that was highest between the two platforms, not necessarily just the highest on the selected platform


  • NEW Clan profiles have been added.
    • Once you sign in, the My Clans menu will appear at the top of the page
    • Each clan you are a member of on any platform associated with your Bungie account will appear in the menu.
  • NEW Clan leaderboards have been added.
    • From your clan profile, a summary of overall progress per member is listed under "Our Clan Leaderboard"
      • Clicking on that heading will take you to the full leaderboard, which you can then use just like the individual leaderboards to jump into each goal we track (Iron Banner, Emblems, etc)
      • You can also click on any of the goal circles on the clan profile page to jump straight to that goal's clan leaderboard

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