Tuesday, October 31, 2017

light.gg Update: 31 Oct

Hi guardians!

Here's what I've been up to since the last update:


  • NEW The Leaderboard link in the top navigation bar now has a submenu that allows you to jump directly to a leaderboard
    • Clicking the Leaderboards link will still take you directly to the Overall leaderboard


  • NEW Your clan name now shows under your account's display name in the summary cards at the top of the page
    • You may need to sign out and sign back in for the site to pick up your Clan
  • NEW Your clan tag will show next to your name in the leaderboard list
  • BUG If you filter the Overall leaderboard to a specific platform (or any combination other than all of them), a Rank and Overall column will appear now instead of just one column with non-continuous numbers
    • The issue here was that the rank being displayed was still your Overall rank across all platforms not adjusted down to the smaller set of people. The additional column hopefully makes that clearer. 
  • BUG Ranks were all off by one. Diamond was showing as Platinum, Platinum as Gold, etc. 
    • Arrays are hard


  • BUG The site should no longer ask you to reauthorize on a browser/device you've previously authorized
    • There are some exceptions:
      • If you explicitly sign out
      • If it's been more than a year since you authorized that browser/device
      • If you clear your browser's saved data

Happy Halloween! 🎃


  1. Hey - found your app recently, love it! Noticed a bug, thought I'd point it out: light levels on gear that I have on both PSN and Xbox show highest light on either platform, regardless of which one I'm looking at. (That is: my PSN character has a Nameless Midnight that's currently at 239, since I've really just started him... but it's showing here at 305, because that's the level I've got on the Xbox.) Minor issue - but figured I'd point it out, in case you hadn't noticed. ;) Really loving the overall functionality!

    1. rofl - never mind, a force-reload fixed that problem. (Too well, maybe. I can no longer see ANY of my stats on the XB1 side - changing the drop-down in the top right does nothing any more. On the plus side, though, the PSN light levels are perfect. :) )

    2. Thanks for the kind words!

      There's definitely a bug w/ platform switching always showing the highest power you have on any platform associated with your account. An update is coming sometime this weekend that should fix the issue.

      With respect to the issue you got after force reloading, try signing out of both light.gg and Bungie then signing in again. Sounds like some wires just got crossed.