Saturday, October 28, 2017 Update: 28 October 2017 — Vendor Items & Full Leaderboards!

Hello guardians!

Another update to to tackle one of the most requested features and to further flesh out the leaderboard system.

The initial version of the site skipped over vendor sets because, in the long run, they're fairly trivial to obtain. You can just throw time at a vendor's respective activities (with the exception of Ikora -- she probably shouldn't have been skipped in retrospect), and eventually you'll get the whole set.

However, lots of folks brought up the point that even though they're easy to get, it'd be nice to have a tool to keep track of those items from a completionist perspective. Even with the help of DIM, vault management around these things is a pain, especially given our limited vault space. Leaderboards are probably still overkill for these (again, since they're so easy to obtain), but just being able to keep track of what you have, what you don't, and what power level it's at should be helpful.

On the topic of leaderboards, since the last update, I've made some significant changes to the leaderboards system. Instead of just being able to see the overall progress leaderboard w/ baby charts under them for each stat, you can now dive into each different stat to see how you stack up against other guardians in your Iron Banner, Exotic Armor, etc progress. Beyond that, you can further filter the list now to only compare yourself against players on the same platform as you. It's also pretty interesting to see how fast some people are progressing on the freshly-launched PC platform.

I've got some really interesting stuff coming around the leaderboards that will hopefully make them even more interactive and interesting for you and your friends. The goal here is to make grinding your progress something that gives you a reason to log in to the game, and I think with each update we're pushing closer to making that a reality.

For the detail oriented, here's the full breakdown on what changed:


  • NEW Item tracking with basic "do you own them all" progress bar added for items obtained from:
    • Commander Zavala
    • Ikora Rey
    • Lord Shaxx
    • Banshee-44
    • Devrim Kay
    • Deputy Commander Sloane
    • Failsafe
    • Asher Mir
    • Random Engrams / randomly from all engrams
  • NEW When there are multiple sets of armor for a class in a section (such as Trials Titan armor), items are now organized by the set that they belong to.
    • A set name will sometimes appear in order to show why this division is happening if the default organization doesn't do a good job of it
  • NEW Added lots of "Back to Top" links that, well, take you back to the top of the page.
  • BUG Leaderboard updates that come from this page should return back to the browser a lot faster
    • Some technical reasons for why these were sometimes slow to respond on the backend, but what it actually means to you is that stuff that waits for the leaderboard update to complete should render on the page faster. 
    • As a consequence, sometimes your leaderboard rank on this page may be an update behind. I'm betting if I didn't mention it no one would've noticed. 😂
  • BUG Reduced the number of calls to the Bungie API on initial page load when we're familiar with your characters and account. 
    • Again, some technical reasons as to why this was happening in the first place, but end result is that the initial page load should be faster on average 
  • BUG There should no longer be an empty row under boots on Exotic Armor.
    • The space here was for exotic class items, which don't exist yet. It'll get added back when that changes!


  • NEW Leaderboards for each goal are now available!
  • NEW Platform filtering has been added!
  • NEW Clicking on your platform card will take you to your entry for the selected leaderboard
    • If you have 0% progress on a given leaderboard, you'll get a warning that the account is unranked
  • CHNG Added tie-breaker conditions for all leaderboards
    • If overall progress is tied, the tie will be broken in the following priority:
      • Items Owned
      • Items at Max Power
      • Progress to Rank 30
      • Ornaments Owned
  • CHNG Mobile devices will no longer display mini-charts on the Overall Leaderboard. A text percentage will be displayed instead
    • Despite my best efforts to make this work without bogging down slower devices, the sheer number of charts made keeping these on the page unsustainable. I will keep this in the back of my head and hopefully bring them back later if I figure out a more efficient way of rendering them.
  • CHNG Added locale-based number formatting to the rank column (ex Rank #1,234 in the US)


  • CHNG Updated the FAQ around items that are trivially obtained to reflect the changes above
    • Left details to describe why there are no leaderboards for these.

Looking forward to hearing everyone's feedback! If you run into any issues, feel free to tweet @lightdotgg or join our Discord server.

Thanks as always for checking it out!



  1. Can you make it so I can log in on my Xbox or PlayStation accounts. Right now I'm stuck logging in on my Xbox account.

    1. Do you have two different Bungie accounts for both platforms? If they're not both associated with the same Bungie account, you have to signd out of, then sign in on the other platform. I can't force Bungie to sign out when you sign out of sadly