Wednesday, October 25, 2017 Update: 10/25/17

First, thanks for the huge amount of feedback and support from the /r/destinythegame community! As you might expect, throwing a few thousand people at a site that had previously only been seen by a few dozen revealed some problems that had been missed in initial testing. This update should take care of the most glaring of those. Sorry for the delay in getting this out -- my PC Titan isn't going to level himself up!


  • NEW You can now see the whole overall leaderboard, not just the top 50.
  • NEW You can see your own progress across multiple platforms
  • NEW You can jump to your entry in the leaderboard by clicking on the progress wheel at the top of the page for the platform you want to see.
    • Any of your accounts in the leaderboard are now bolded if you click through the list manually as well.
  • BUG The mini-progress wheels for the individual goals will only load if they're visible on the page. 
    • Since we're loading 7? 8? charts per row and there are 50 rows per page, slower computers and mobile devices were choking on trying to render them all at once. 
    • There might be a brief (~250ms) delay when you scroll a chart into view before it renders. 
  • BUG Reduced the amount of data sent to the browser for each leaderboard record to hopefully further improve performance (especially on mobile).


  • NEW Added leaderboard card to this page to show overall progress, leaderboard division, and overall rank.
    • Clicking will take you to that platform's record on the leaderboard
  • NEW The app should remember what account you were looking at last whenever you return to the page instead of picking the one with the most characters every time.
  • BUG Platform switching (using the drop down in the upper right) should now actually work.
    • It kind of worked before... assuming there was nothing in common between your two accounts. Yeah. 
    • Update 10/25 3:15 PM EST: Platform switching was still failing for certain progress chunks (Trials, Leviathan, IB, Factions). That issue should be fixed now as well.
  • BUG PS4 Exclusives (lookin' at you, Borealis) should no longer count against players on XB1 and PC platforms
  • BUG Saladin's Pride removed from the Iron Banner section
    • Emblems don't count against Iron Banner progress, so this wasn't hurting anything, but still removing it for clarity.


  • BUG Fixed a bug where the sign-in process lost its mind if you had a really old profile picture (Halo era).


  • NEW Created this blog! 
  • NEW Created a Twitter account for bug reports, general feedback, and new feature announcements. 
  • NEW Created a Discord server for similar purposes, as well as to create a space for the community to congregate, come up with new ideas, etc. 

Thanks again to everyone for checking the site out and providing some great feedback. Here's some of what's on my list of things to add in the near future (in no specific order):

  • Trivial sets without leaderboards
    • Such as planetary factions, Ikora, Shaxx, Zavala, etc.
  • Individual leaderboards for specific goals
  • Profiles for each user on the leaderboard to visualize how they have progressed over time
  • Platform filter for leaderboards so you can see how you measure up just against other people on your platform
    • Will be more important once PS4 exclusives become more glaring than just Borealis

If you have any feedback or ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments below!



  1. I'm telling everyone I can about this. It's amazing.

    Thanks for doing it.

  2. I'm commenting again...

    I would say that the 2 biggest wants I've heard from people are to show the gear detail on hover-over and to show where/how each emblem can be acquired.

    1. Appreciate the feedback! I've got some cool stuff in mind for when you hover over an item and showing how items are acquired (not just emblems!). Stay tuned!